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Ceramic Emitter Radiant Heaters

The Ceramic Heater is an efficient, robust heater which
provides long wave infrared radiation. They are used in
applications ranging from thermo-forming to pre-heating to
paint curing. Nearly all materials to be heated or dried
provide maximum absorption in the 3 – 10 microns range.
The Ceramic Heater was developed with this fact in mind,
and is the reason why they can be applied to such a
diverse range of industrial processes.

The Ceramic Heater is produced using a specialised process
which involves an alloy resistance wire around which is
cast a ceramic body. This body is then glazed to protect it
from moisture ingress. It also protects the heater from atmospheric
and corrosive attack. In this way the ceramic element
optimises the maximum absorption characteristics, as they
operate at temperatures of 300 °C to 750 °C ( 572 °F – 1382°F)
producing a wavelength of 3-6 microns.

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