Flanged Tubular Immersion Heaters

MPI Morheat manufactures custom Flanged Tubular heaters by brazing or welding tubular elements into an ANSI or plate flange. Flagged Tubular Heaters are typically used to heat up fluids and gases in a tank or vessel. These heaters are mounted directly on a flanged port and are typically used to heat up fluids and gases in a tank or vessel.

MPI offers completely custom solutions to fit your specific application, including custom flanges, and custom heating elements to fix your specific application. Several different terminal housings are also available to fix any kind of application, including indoor, outdoor and hazardous environments.

  • 150 lb. ASA carbon steel fl anges from 3” to 14” sizes .430” diameter copper, steel, 321 stainless steel, or Incoloy 800 elements
  • 45, 22,15,13 and 6.5 watts/square inch for various processes
  • General purpose, moisture or explosion resistant terminal enclosures
  • Thermowell for 3/8” diameter thermostat bulb
  • Bends are repressed after forming to recompact MgO and extend element life
  • Instruction Manual with wiring instructions included with each unit
  • Copper Sheath: Clean water, freeze protection, hot water storage, boiler and water heaters, cooling towers, heating of solutions not corrosive to copper
  • Steel Sheath: Asphalt, wax, paraffin, tar, fluid heat transfer medium, petroleum, degreasing and sol-vent, oils, fuel oils, machine oils, alcohol
  • Stainless Steel Sheath: Process water, soap and detergent solutions, soluble cutting oils, demineralized or delonized water (passivation recommended)
  • lncoloy Sheath: Solution water, corrosive solutions, air, gas, steam super heating
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