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Ceramic Strip Heaters

MPI Morheat manufactures custom ceramic insulated strip heaters designed to your desired requirements. Ceramic strip heaters offer optimal performance for high-temperature applications of up to 1200°F. 

Chromium resistance wire is coiled inside a ceramic core, which is then inserted into the rugged stainless steel outer sheath and insulated with MgO for maximum heat transfer and long life. 

MPI Morheat Ceramic Strip heaters can be configured exactly as required and all options are outlined in the tabs below. 

To submit a request, please use the “Custom Configuration Form.c


Max Temperature:         1200°F
Max watt density:          75 W/linear inch.
                                          120 if 2 sides in contact with part
Max Wattage:                 120 Watts per inch of heated length,
                                           75 if only one side is in contact.
Dimensions:                     1½” wide, 5/16” or 3/8” thick, up to 72” long
                                           5/16” x ½” mounting slots (center/center) = overall length – 3/4
Max Voltage:                   300V standard,
                                           480V special
Max Amps (Leads)         12A
Max Amps (Terminals)  20A

  • S/S Braided leads for flexibility
  • Button terminals
  • S/S conduit for maximum lead protection
  • Right angle exit available on any style
  • Dual voltage and 3 phase construction
  • Spring guard upon request
  • Built in thermocouple
  • Europlug
  • Terminal box
  • Ground wire construction
  • Custom
CONSTRUCTION TYPES / electrical terminations
Construction Styles / Electrical Terminations
SB1-no-tabFiberglass + S/S Braid
SB4-no-tabFiberglass + S/S Braid
SB4-tabFiberglass + S/S Braid
SC4-tabFiberglass + S/S Armour
SN1-no-tabPost Terminals
SN1-tabPost Terminals
SN2-no-tabPost Terminals
SN2-tabPost Terminals
SN3-no-tabPost Terminals
SN3-tabPost Terminals
SN4-no-tabPost Terminals
SN4-tabPost Terminals