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Heaters, Sensors, Controllers, Relays, Linear Displacement, and Leadwire

Ceramic Strip Heater Manufacturer

Standard Lead Times


Max Temperature:         1200°F
Max watt density:          75 W/linear inch.
                                          120 if 2 sides in contact with part
Max Wattage:                 120 Watts per inch of heated length,
                                           75 if only one side is in contact.
Dimensions:                     1½” wide, 5/16” or 3/8” thick, up to 72” long
                                           5/16” x ½” mounting slots (center/center) = overall length – 3/4
Max Voltage:                   300V standard,
                                           480V special
Max Amps (Leads)         12A
Max Amps (Terminals)  20A

  • S/S Braided leads for flexibility
  • Button terminals
  • S/S conduit for maximum lead protection
  • Right angle exit available on any style
  • Dual voltage and 3 phase construction
  • Spring guard upon request
  • Built in thermocouple
  • Europlug
  • Terminal box
  • Ground wire construction
  • Custom
CONSTRUCTION TYPES / electrical terminations
Construction Styles / Electrical Terminations
SB1-no-tabFiberglass + S/S Braid
SB4-no-tabFiberglass + S/S Braid
SB4-tabFiberglass + S/S Braid
SC4-tabFiberglass + S/S Armour
SN1-no-tabPost Terminals
SN1-tabPost Terminals
SN2-no-tabPost Terminals
SN2-tabPost Terminals
SN3-no-tabPost Terminals
SN3-tabPost Terminals
SN4-no-tabPost Terminals
SN4-tabPost Terminals