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Heaters, Sensors, Controllers, Relays, Linear Displacement, and Leadwire

Heater Accessories

Heater Accessories

Ceramic Terminals

MPI Morheat stocks a variety of ceramic parts including Ceramic Post Terminal Covers, Ceramic Terminal Blocks, Ceramic Wire Nuts, Ceramic Heads, and Ceramic Insulating Bushings.

Ceramic Post Terminal Covers are commonly used on Band Heaters or Strip Heaters that have post terminals. Ceramic Post Terminal Covers provide high temperature electrical protection for temperatures up to 1000°F (538°C). Ceramic Post Terminal Covers can be either factory installed when purchasing Band Heaters or Strip Heaters or can be customer installed on-site. Ceramic Terminal Blocks are used for thermocouple or heater power wiring in high temperature locations. MPI Ceramic Terminal Blocks can handle temperatures up to 750°F (400°C) and voltages up to 600VAC. Our Ceramic Terminal Blocks are made with a Ceramic Body and fitted with Brass Terminals. Ceramic Wire Nut Connectors are often used for making electric heater wire connection in high temperature locations. MPI Ceramic Wire Nut Connectors can handle temperatures up to 1200°F (645°C) and voltages up to 300VAC. Ceramic Beads are typically used to insulate bare wire in high temperature applications up to 1000°F (538°C). MPI supplies Ceramic Beads in paper sleeves for easy and simple installation and include a rip cord for easy paper sleeve removal. MPI Morheat also stocks Ceramic Insulating Bushing / Passthroughs to allow electrical connections in high temperature locations. They come complete with a 304SS screw and 3 sets of nuts and washers.

High Temp Ring / Butt Connectors

MPI Morheat offers several kinds of high temperature Ring, Butt, and Spade Connectors available from stock. High Temperature Connectors are ideal for Band Heater and Cartridge Heater high temperature connections for temperature up to 900°F (260°C). For more information on Wire and Stud Sizes, please download our butt connector brochure.

High Temp Tape

High Temperature Tape is available in either Fiberglass or Silicone for different applications. Fiberglass Tape contains a silicone adhesive and is typically used to cover any exposed electrical connections on Cartridge and Band Heaters. The silicone Adhesive is ideal since it allows removal with minimal left-over residue. MPI Fiberglass tape can be used for temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). Standard Roll Sizes are 36yards (108ft). High Temperature Fiberglass Tape is available from stock in either ½” Width or ¾” Width. Silicone Tape is the ideal solution for wire harnesses, heated hoses, and electric heater connections requiring tough, watertight, and electric insulating seals. Self-Fusing Silicone Tape is available in Orange, Black or White colors and roll sizes are typically 1” Width by 30ft Length.  

High Temp Heater Connectors

Morheat is a supplier or many kinds of high temperature heater connectors suitable for many different applications. All heater connectors are available from stock and can ship the same day the order is placed. MPI carries the following combinations of High Temperature Heater Connectors: Ceramic / Aluminum (300°C), Ceramic / Silicone (250°C), Silicone / Aluminum (250°C), Silicone / Silicone (250°C), Bakelite / Aluminum (180°C), and Euro Male Connectors (300°C). Several configurations are available including Male, Female, and 90° Connectors.

Fiberglass Sleeving

Fiberglass Sleeving is available as Heat Treated Expanding Sleeving or Silicone Coated Non-Expanding Sleeving. Several different sizes are available from stock. Fiberglass Sleeving is commonly used for heater lead wire protection and high temperature wire harnesses.

Stainless Steel Superflex Armor

MPI Morheat carries large quantities of Stainless Steel Superflex Armor available for same day shipping. Stainless Steel Superflex Armor is available in Square Lock or Interlocked configurations. Square Lock Stainless Steel Superflex Armor is more flexible and economical but is not ideal for applications where there is a lot of pulling action. Interlocked Stainless Steel Superflex Armor is more rugged, less flexible, and better suited for applications where there is a lot of pulling action. Armor end caps can also be purchased to protect users from the rough end surfaces.