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We are a manufacturer of PTFE heaters that are ideal for various plating chemicals, including aqueous acid, alkaline, anodizing, pickling, and other heating applications.

If you need to heat highly corrosive chemicals without compromising the integrity of your equipment, the ideal solution is a Fluoroethylene (PTFE) immersion heater. Electric immersion heaters are commonly used in various industries to heat liquids ranging from water to oil. However, when it comes to highly corrosive chemicals that can rapidly corrode metals, a standard chemical heater is not adequate. PTFE heaters are encased in a specialized polytetrafluoroethylene tube that can resist the detrimental effects of corrosive solutions and operate at temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. At MPI Morheat, we offer the most durable PTFE immersion heaters on the market, specifically designed to handle the task of heating corrosive chemicals. We offer a variety of PTFE heaters, including Over-The-Side Heaters, L-Shaped Tank Heaters, Screw Plug Heaters, Flanged Heaters, and other Tubular options, which we carefully assemble to order. Additionally, we can customize your chemical heater to match your specific tank design and heating requirements. Discover our fluoropolymer immersion heater solutions today.

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