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Ceramic Terminals

MPI Morheat manufactures a variety of ceramic terminals parts, including: Ceramic Post Terminal Covers, Ceramic Terminals Blocks, Ceramic Wire nuts, Ceramic Beads, and Ceramic Insulating Bushings. use the tabs below for more details. 

Ceramic Post Terminals Covers
MPI Ceramic post terminal covers are often used on band and strip heaters that have post terminals to provide high temperature electrical protection. (up to 1000°F) Can be factory installed , or customer installed.
Used for wiring of heater power and thermocouple connections in high temperature locations. Max Temperature:  750°F (400°C) Max Volts:                600VAC Material:                   Ceramic Body c/w Brass Terminals
MPI Ceramic Wire Nuts Connectors are often used for high temperature wire connections on electric heaters. Max Temperature:   1200°F (645°C) Max Volts:                 300VAC Material:                    Ceramic Body
MPI Ceramic beads are used to insulated bare wire in extremely high temperature applications(up to 1000°F) . Ceramic beads are supplied in paper sleeves that make installation on wire easy, and the rip cord provides easy paper sleeve removal.
MPI Ceramic insulating bushing / passthroughs are designed to be used to allow a electrical connection in a high temperature area, and a lower temperature connection on the other side. (up to 1000OF) . Ceramic insulating bushing / passthroughs come complete with a 304SS screw and 3 sets of nuts and washers.