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Starflex heaters are manufactured by hydraulically pressing a high temperature heating element into a precision grooved aluminum channel. The heaters are clamped in place with low expansion stainless steel straps for intimate contact with the part. The aluminum channel offers low mass and high thermal conductivity for fast heat up. These same characteristics provide excellent cool down properties as well, which is why Starflex bands are also available with water cooling, both as a cool only band and a heat/cool band.

Maximum Operating Temperature 650°F
Maximum Voltage 277 Volts Per Half
Maximum Amps 30 Amps
Wattage Tolerance +5%, -10%
Maximum Recommended Watt Density 40 Watts Per Square Inch
Maximum Diameter 10 Feet
Starflex Heater Width Minimum Diameter Cooling Only Optoin Heat/Cool Option Optional TC Hole Size
.75″ 3.50″ Yes No N/A
1.50″ 3.50″ Yes No .37″
2.50 5 No No .50″
3″ 5 Yes Yes .50″
4″ 5 Yes Yes .50″

MPI Morheat Starflex band heaters are designed for use in barrel heating of extrusion and injection molding machinery, blown film dies and other cylindrical surfaces. Their configuration can be full for 360° coverage or any degree of partial warp. Internal bands to heat from the inside-out are also available.

Some applications require both heating and cooling. With the advent of exothermic materials and heat generated by screw rotation, the proven MPI Morheat Starflex band heater was adapted to provide both heating and cooling functions. Cooling tubes are placed in proximity to the heating elements to produce the MPI Morheat Starflex Heat/Cool band. Due to its low mass, it can be cooled relatively quickly.


I.D. Heaters

  • Inside diameter heaters (reverse construction)

Terminal Box

  • Terminal boxes are excellent for preventing electrical shock or electrical shorts.
  • Terminals boxes are available on any clamping or construction style.
  • 1.5″ wide x 2.25″ long x 1.87″ deep.

Heat/Cool Bands

  • Heat and cool with the same element. Our special heat / cool band enables you to circulate the refrigerant of your choice through the capillary tubes around the heater.
  • Heater and stainless steel cooling tubes.

Cool Only Bands

  • MPI also manufactures cool only bands in a configuration similar to the Heat/Cool band.
  •  Cool only bands are manufactured with stainless steel tubes to meet a wider range of temperatures. 
  • 3/8″ diameter stainless steel coolant tubes for long life.
Installation of these bands is easily performed by opening the band, placing it around the cylinder and tightening a single screw. Large diameter bands are furnished with multiple clamping assemblies and multiple segments from grasping the surface.


  • screw terminations


  • Terminal Box


  • leads