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Flexible Tubular Heater Manufacturer

Standard Lead Times


MPI Morheat Flexible Tubular Heaters are completely flexible and may be shaped around pipes, along platen paths, and into other challenging shapes that require precise heating. We have several options for terminations and temperature control to meet your needs and they are excellent replacements for traditional tubular heaters and other electric heating elements and heating systems, which are not flexible. 

Standard Features
  • Easy installation with a uniform finish
  • Can be formed by hand
  • Store in a straight condition to save storage space
  • No special installation tools required
  • Patented technology ensure industry leading heat transfer 
  • Up to 75% sheath contact with round and square flexible tubular heaters when recommended groove geometry is followed
  • Rapid heat-up times
  • Minimal temperature difference between heater sheath and heated tool
  • 3-dimensional groove geometry possible
  • Industry’s smallest bending radius
  • MPI’s flexibility enables heat to be located where it is needed; an improvement over rigid cartridge heaters
  • Reduced energy costs: tool mass can be reduced
Construction & Tolerances

Technical key features of MPI flexible tubular heater include:

  • Stainless Steel sheath material
  • Sheath temperature of heating element maximum 700°C / 1290°F
  • Standard connection voltage of 230V
  • High voltage resistance* of 1000V AC
  • Insulation resistance* greater or equal to 5 MOhm at 500V DC
  • Leakage current* less than 0.5 mA at 253V AC
  • Wattage tolerance +/-10%
  • Length tolerance +/-1.5%
DiameterL min [mm]L max [mm]Tube section max [mm]Min. bending radius internalMax. sheath surface load [W/cm2]max. wattage [W] at 230V
Special Options
  • Bendable unheated zones
  • Connection voltage from 12V to 250V
  • Individual length
  • Individual wattage
  • Individual connection options

Hotflex Plug'n heat Connector

Ceramic Terminal Connector “Plug’n Heat”

  • B 14 x H 21 x T 25 mm
  • Ready for installation
  • No additional insulation necessary
  • Heat resistant up to 230°C in continuous
    operation (short term max. up to 280°C).
  • Only for 8.5 and/Q 8 x 8.

Hotflex Threaded Pins

Threaded Pins

  • M 2.5 with set of nuts and washers made of stainless steel.
  • M 4 with set of nuts and washers made of stainless steel (only for 8.5 and/Q 8 x 8.

Hotflex Plain Ni-leads

Plain Ni-Leads

  • With ceramic beads insulation, up to 600°C.

Hotflex External mounted leads

External Mounted Leads

  • Glass silk insulated Ni-leads up to 320°C, multi wire (also with cable socket for M 4)
  • PTFE insulated Ni-leads, up to 260°C, multi wire
  • Silicon insulated Ni-leads,  up to 180°C, multi wire

Hotflex High Temp Leads

High Temperature Leads

  • High temperature mineral fibre insulated Ni-leads with ceramic sealed tube section, multi wire

Hotflex Flat Plug

Flat Plug

  • W = 6.3 mm
Stock List / Standard Parts
MPI P/NDiameterWattsVoltsLength
TUB-F000018.500 mm3450 watts230 volts1300.00 mm
TUB-F000028.500 mm3680 watts230 volts1350.00 mm
TUB-F000038.500 mm3710 watts230 volts1400.00 mm
TUB-F000048.500 mm3840 watts230 volts1450.00 mm
TUB-F000058.500 mm3970 watts230 volts1500.00 mm
TUB-F000068.500 mm700 watts230 volts500.00 mm
TUB-F000078.500 mm780 watts230 volts550.00 mm
TUB-F000088.500 mm860 watts230 volts600.00 mm
TUB-F000098.500 mm950 watts230 volts650.00 mm
TUB-F000108.500 mm1000 watts230 volts700.00 mm
TUB-F000118.500 mm1100 watts230 volts750.00 mm
TUB-F000128.500 mm1190 watts230 volts800.00 mm
TUB-F000138.500 mm1250 watts230 volts850.00 mm
TUB-F000148.500 mm1350 watts230 volts900.00 mm
TUB-F000158.500 mm1430 watts230 volts950.00 mm
TUB-F000168.500 mm1500 watts230 volts1000.00 mm
TUB-F000178.500 mm1590 watts230 volts1050.00 mm
TUB-F000188.500 mm1650 watts230 volts1100.00 mm
TUB-F000198.500 mm1750 watts230 volts1150.00 mm
TUB-F000208.500 mm1830 watts230 volts1200.00 mm
TUB-F000218.500 mm1900 watts230 volts1250.00 mm
TUB-F000228.500 mm1990 watts230 volts1300.00 mm
TUB-F000238.500 mm2070 watts230 volts1350.00 mm
TUB-F000248.500 mm2150 watts230 volts1400.00 mm
TUB-F000258.500 mm2230 watts230 volts1450.00 mm
TUB-F000268.500 mm2300 watts230 volts1500.00 mm
TUB-F000278.000 mm675 watts240 volts350.00 mm
TUB-F000288.000 mm795 watts240 volts400.00 mm
TUB-F000298.000 mm910 watts240 volts450.00 mm
TUB-F000308.000 mm1025 watts240 volts500.00 mm
TUB-F000318.000 mm1145 watts240 volts550.00 mm
TUB-F000328.000 mm1260 watts240 volts600.00 mm
TUB-F000338.000 mm1380 watts240 volts650.00 mm
TUB-F000348.000 mm1495 watts240 volts700.00 mm
TUB-F000358.000 mm1615 watts240 volts750.00 mm
TUB-F000368.000 mm1730 watts240 volts800.00 mm
TUB-F000378.000 mm1845 watts240 volts850.00 mm
TUB-F000388.000 mm1960 watts240 volts900.00 mm
TUB-F000398.000 mm2080 watts240 volts950.00 mm
TUB-F000408.000 mm2195 watts240 volts1000.00 mm
TUB-F000418.000 mm2316 watts240 volts1050.00 mm
TUB-F000428.000 mm2430 watts240 volts1100.00 mm
TUB-F000438.000 mm2545 watts240 volts1150.00 mm
TUB-F000448.000 mm2665 watts240 volts1200.00 mm
TUB-F000458.000 mm2780 watts240 volts1250.00 mm
TUB-F000468.000 mm2895 watts240 volts1300.00 mm
TUB-F000478.000 mm3015 watts240 volts1350.00 mm
TUB-F000488.000 mm3130 watts240 volts1400.00 mm
TUB-F000498.000 mm3245 watts240 volts1450.00 mm
TUB-F000508.000 mm3365 watts240 volts1500.00 mm
TUB-F000518.000 mm3480 watts240 volts1550.00 mm
TUB-F000528.000 mm3600 watts240 volts1600.00 mm
TUB-F000536.500 mm350 watts230 volts300.00 mm
TUB-F000546.500 mm400 watts230 volts350.00 mm
TUB-F000556.500 mm500 watts230 volts400.00 mm
TUB-F000566.500 mm600 watts230 volts450.00 mm
TUB-F000576.500 mm650 watts230 volts500.00 mm
TUB-F000586.500 mm700 watts230 volts550.00 mm
TUB-F000596.500 mm800 watts230 volts600.00 mm
TUB-F000606.500 mm850 watts230 volts650.00 mm
TUB-F000616.500 mm900 watts230 volts700.00 mm
TUB-F000626.500 mm1000 watts230 volts750.00 mm
TUB-F000636.500 mm1100 watts230 volts800.00 mm
TUB-F000646.500 mm1200 watts230 volts850.00 mm
TUB-F000656.500 mm1300 watts230 volts900.00 mm
TUB-F000666.500 mm1350 watts230 volts950.00 mm
TUB-F000676.500 mm1400 watts230 volts1000.00 mm
TUB-F000686.500 mm1450 watts230 volts1050.00 mm
TUB-F000696.500 mm1500 watts230 volts1100.00 mm
TUB-F000706.500 mm1550 watts230 volts1150.00 mm
TUB-F000716.500 mm1600 watts230 volts1200.00 mm
TUB-F000726.500 mm1650 watts230 volts1250.00 mm
TUB-F000736.500 mm1700 watts230 volts1300.00 mm
TUB-F000746.500 mm1800 watts230 volts1350.00 mm
TUB-F000756.500 mm1900 watts230 volts1400.00 mm
TUB-F000766.500 mm2000 watts230 volts1450.00 mm
TUB-F000776.500 mm2100 watts230 volts1500.00 mm