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Heaters, Sensors, Controllers, Relays, Linear Displacement, and Leadwire

316SS & Titanium Flanged Metal Heaters

Standard Lead Times

  • Chemical heater that is durable and efficient
  • Heavy wall metal sheaths available in 316 stainless steel and titanium, with 316 stainless steel as the standard
  • M2 terminal enclosure made of metal and resistant to explosions
  • Consult solution recommendation chart from chemical supplier to choose the appropriate sheath material
  • Available in 3″, 5″, and 6″ flange sizes
  • Power range of 3000-72000 watts at voltages of 240-480
  • Heavy wall metal sheaths available in 316 stainless steel and titanium
  • Watt densities up to 40 watts/square inch (6.2 w/cm²)
  • 3 ft (.9m) flexible PVC liquid tight conduit included
  • Grounded construction with built-in thermal protector
  • Replaceable P1 protector standard for solutions up to 180°F (82°C)
Standard Parts
MPI P/NMaterialWattsVoltsOverall LengthFlange SizeNumber of Elements
IM-3FLS3209-**Stainless Steel3000 W240 V9 “229 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS3409-**Stainless Steel3000 W480 V9 “229 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS4.5213-**Stainless Steel4500 W240 V13 “330 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS4.5413-**Stainless Steel4500 W480 V13 “330 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS6219-**Stainless Steel6000 W240 V19 “483 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS6419-**Stainless Steel6000 W480 V19 “483 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS9226-**Stainless Steel9000 W240 V26 “660 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS9426-**Stainless Steel9000 W480 V26 “660 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS12233-**Stainless Steel12,000 W240 V33 “838 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS12433-**Stainless Steel12,000 W480 V33 “838 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS15241-**Stainless Steel15000 W240 V41 “1041 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS15441-**Stainless Steel15000 W480 V41 “1041 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS18249-**Stainless Steel18,000 W240 V49 “1245 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-3FLS18449-**Stainless Steel18,000 W480 V49 “1245 mm3″ 150lbs3
IM-5FLS6209-**Stainless Steel6000 W240 V9 “229 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS6409-**Stainless Steel6000 W480 V9 “229 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS9213-**Stainless Steel9000 W240 V13 “330 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS9413-**Stainless Steel9000 W480 V13 “330 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS12219-**Stainless Steel12,000 W240 V19 “483 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS12419-**Stainless Steel12,000 W480 V19 “483 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS18226-**Stainless Steel18,000 W240 V26 “660 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS18426-**Stainless Steel18,000 W480 V26 “660 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS24233-**Stainless Steel24,000 W240 V33 “838 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS24433-**Stainless Steel24,000 W480 V33 “838 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS30241-**Stainless Steel30,000 W240 V41 “1041 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS30441-**Stainless Steel30,000 W480 V41 “1041 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS36249-**Stainless Steel36,000 W240 V49 “1245 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-5FLS36449-**Stainless Steel36,000 W480 V49 “1245 mm5″ 150lbs6
IM-6FLS12209-**Stainless Steel12,000 W240 V9 “229 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS12409-**Stainless Steel12,000 W480 V9 “229 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS18213-**Stainless Steel18,000 W240 V13 “330 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS18413-**Stainless Steel18,000 W480 V13 “330 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS24219-**Stainless Steel24,000 W240 V19 “483 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS24419-**Stainless Steel24,000 W480 V19 “483 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS36226-**Stainless Steel36,000 W240 V26 “660 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS36426-**Stainless Steel36,000 W480 V26 “660 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS48233-**Stainless Steel48,000 W240 V33 “838 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS48433-**Stainless Steel48,000 W480 V33 “838 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS60241-**Stainless Steel60,000 W240 V41 “1041 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS60441-**Stainless Steel60,000 W480 V41 “1041 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS72249-**Stainless Steel72,000 W240 V49 “1245 mm6″ 150lbs12
IM-6FLS72449-**Stainless Steel72,000 W480 V49 “1245 mm6″ 150lbs12
Thermal Protector / Fuses
  • Replaceable P1: Standard for solutions up to 180°F (82°C)
  • Replaceable P4: For solutions up to 230°F (110°C)
  • Replaceable P5: For solutions up to 300°F (150°C)
  • Resettable P2: For solutions up to 180°F (82°C)
  • Resettable P6: For solutions up to 230°F (110°C)
  • Resettable P7: For solutions up to 300°F (150°C)

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