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Heaters, Sensors, Controllers, Relays, Linear Displacement, and Leadwire

Tubular Heaters

Industrial Tubular Heaters

Formed Tubular Heaters

MPI Morheat manufactures Tubular Heaters in-house. Tubular heaters are the most widely used, dependable heater in the industry as they can be bent to virtually any shape. These traits make Tubular Heaters an ideal solution for many different applications.

MPI Uses Nichrome A (80-20) wire to delivery even heat distribution to the tubular element sheath. High purity magnesium oxide (MgO) is used as insulation between the resistance wire and the outer sheath to ensure optimal thermal transfer and insulation resistance.

MPI manufactures Tubular Heaters with a variety of custom terminations and mounting options to fit your specific application.

Finned Tubular Heaters

Finned tubular elements are typically used to head air or other gases. MPI offers a carbon steel construction combined with a high temperature and corrosion resistant stainless-steel construction as standard. Similar to regular Tubular Heaters, Finned Tubular Heater can be bent to several different shapes and be fitted with custom terminations and mounting options.

Flexible Tubular Heaters

MPI Morheat stocks Flexible Tubular Heaters for same day shipping. Flexible Tubular Heaters are completely flexible and can be shaped around many objects including pipes, along platen paths, and into other irregular shapes. MPI has several terminations and mounting options to suit several different applications. MPI Flexible Tubular Heaters are an excellent replacement option for standard tubular heaters.

MPI Flexible Tubular Heaters are made with a stainless-steel sheath and can handle temperatures of up to 1290°F (700°C). MPI Flexible Tubular Heaters can be easily installed by hand (requires no special tools).

Manifold Tubular Heaters

MPI Morheat is a manufacturer of Manifold Tubular Heaters. MPI Manifold Tubular Heaters are typically used in hot runner systems. MPI can replace Manifold Tubular Heaters and is able to install the replacements in the manifolds. Please contact us for more information or click on the Get Help button now.