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3 Element 316SS Tubular Over the Side Heater

Standard Lead Times

  • Durable, efficient chemical heater
  • Designed for use over the side of a container
  • Three-element, tubular construction
  • Made of:
    • 316 stainless steel
  • Consult solution recommendation chart with chemical supplier for proper sheath material selection
  • Can be used in three phase systems
  • Wattage range: 3000-10500 watts
  • Voltages: 240-480
  • Heavy wall metal sheath available in:
    • 316 stainless steel
  • High watt density of up to 40 watts/square inch (6.2 w/cm²)
  • Terminal enclosure made of vapor resistant, flame retardant polypropylene with 3 ft (.9m) flexible PVC liquid tight conduit
  • Grounded construction and built-in thermal protector
  • Replaceable P1 protector included for solutions up to 180°F (82°C)
Standard Parts
MPI P/NWattsVoltsHot ZoneOverall Length
IM-3HS3217-**3000 W240 V11 “279 mm17 “432 mm
IM-3HS3417-**3000 W480 V11 “279 mm17 “432 mm
IM-3HS4.5223-**4500 W240 V16 “406 mm23 “584 mm
IM-3HS4.5423-**4500 W480 V16 “406 mm23 “584 mm
IM-3HS7.5229-**7500 W240 V21 “533 mm29 “737 mm
IM-3HS7.5429-**7500 W480 V21 “533 mm29 “737 mm
IM-3HS10.5234-**10500 W240 V26 “660 mm34 “864 mm
IM-3HS10.5434-**10500 W480 V26 “660 mm34 “864 mm
Thermal Protector / Fuses
  • Replaceable P1: Standard for solutions up to 180°F (82°C)
  • Replaceable P4: For solutions from 180 to 230°F (82 to 110°C)
  • Resettable P2: For solutions up to 180°F (82°C)
  • Resettable P6: For solutions from 180 to 230°F (82 to 110°C)

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