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3 Element Bottom PTFE Heater Manufacturer

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Fluoropolymer (PTFE) heaters are an excellent choice for heating Aqueous acid, alkaline, anodizing and pickling solutions up to 212F (100 C).

Offers thick gauge stainless steel tubular elements covered with heavy wall fluoropolymer (PTFE) reducing permeation, eliminating the need for gas purge systems. This product is an excellent choice for heating electroless chemistries – not for use in Chromic Acid.

  • PTFE sleeved 304 stainless elements inert to most solutions up to 212°F (100°C).
  • Low watt density design 10 watts/square inch (1.5w/cm²).
  • Vapor resistant, flame retardant polypropylene terminal enclosure with 3 ft (.9m) flexible PVC liquid tight conduit.
  • Grounded internal metal element and built in thermal protector. Replaceable P1 protector standard for solutions up to 180°F(82°C).
Standard Parts
MPI P/NWattsVoltsHot ZoneOverall LengthStandard Cold Zone
IM-3HXOL12210.5-30-R*-**12,000 W240 V10-1/2 “263 mm30 “762 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL12410.5-30-R*-**12,000 W480 V10-1/2 “263 mm30 “762 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL15210.5-36-R*-**15000 W240 V10-1/2 “263 mm36 “914 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL15410.5-36-R*-**15000 W480 V10-1/2 “263 mm36 “914 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL18210.5-42-R*-**18,000 W240 V10-1/2 “263 mm42 “1067 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL18410.5-42-R*-**18,000 W480 V10-1/2 “263 mm42 “1067 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL3208-13-R*-**3000 W240 V8 “203 mm13 “330 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL3408-13-R*-**3000 W480 V8 “203 mm13 “330 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL4.5210.5-11-R*-**4500 W240 V10-1/2 “263 mm11 “279 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL4.5410.5-11-R*-**4500 W480 V10-1/2 “263 mm11 “279 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL6210.5-19-R*-**6000 W240 V10-1/2 “263 mm19 “483 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL6410.5-19-R*-**6000 W480 V10-1/2 “263 mm19 “483 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL9210.5-23-R*-**9000 W240 V10-1/2 “263 mm23 “584 mm18 “457 mm
IM-3HXOL9410.5-23-R*-**9000 W480 V10-1/2 “263 mm23 “584 mm18 “457 mm
Thermal Protector / Fuses
  • Replaceable P1: Standard for solutions up to 190°F (88°C)
  • Resettable P2: For solutions up to 190°F (88°C)
  • Resettable P8: For solutions from 190°F to 210°F (88°C to 99°C)
  • Resettable P3: For solutions from 210°F to 250°F (99°C to 121°C)

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